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2011 Gift Guide – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0082

Introducing the first ever, limited edition Timberdoodle 2011 Gift Guide.  In it you will find many popular gift ideas, including some Timberdoodle exclusives.

If you did not receive a copy in the mail, you can request one here, or you can view a virtual copy here.

Hurry and get those gift orders in before stock runs out!

New to Timberdoodle? Don’t forget, Timberdoodle ships most orders within 24 hours, orders over $120 ship free and for smaller orders our standard shipping fee is only $4.95! Ask for your free catalog now. Also, we’d love to have you drop by our Facebook page to stay connected, win prizes and ask any questions you might have!

How Big Is A Lightwedge Paperback? – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0038

We have sold Lightwedge booklights for years, and our customers love them as much as we do; but it can be difficult to decide which size to get – the Paperback Lightwedge or the Original Lightwedge. We’ve recently been able to purchase Paperback Lightwedges at stunning discounts, and are passing the savings on to you. But you need to decide if it is really big enough for you, so Daniel will show you how big it is in comparison to some of the books we offer. He also shows you a tip for using Paperback Lightwedges even with very large books.

Do You Need A Lightwedge Case?
Not all models come with cases, nor do all families need a case. If you don’t mind a few scratches and your family won’t be excessively hard on the light, you will probably be fine simply storing the light inside a book as our family has done. However, if you want to keep the lens pristine or are blessed with a house full of rough & tumble tots, click here to see the Paperback Case! (we expect it back in stock in January)

Books Shown:

How To Play Sumoku – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0031

Combine crossword puzzles with Sudoku, add basic math skills and you have Sumoku. Sumoku comes with directions for 4 different variations, each an awesome way to work your brain while having a blast!

Sumoku by Blue Orange Games

From Timberdoodle’s Store:
“Add some pizzazz to this year’s math studies by beginning each day with a fast-paced game of Sumoku by Blue Orange Games. This crossword-style game will not only strengthen addition and multiplication skills, but because of the extensive strategy required logic skills are also improved…” On sale at the time of this post for only $10.75! Buy your Sumoku here.

The Best Baby Gift? Crazy-Eyed Bird Rattle – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0030

We fell in love with Tolo’s Crazy-Eyed Bird Rattle the first time we saw it; but it has been amazing to see how much babies actually enjoy and benefit from this rattle/teether/squeaker toy. From the 4-month-old featured in this video to the toddler we regularly care for, our Tolo Crazy-Eyed Bird gets a lot of loving!

Tolo Crazy-Eyed Bird

From Timberdoodle’s Online Store:
“Partially for baby, partially for you, the Crazy-Eyed Bird is a terrific toy appealing to a wide range of ages! Its lightweight, easy-to-grip body makes a perfect first rattle and its pliable tail is just what a teething baby craves…” Buy the Crazy-Eyed Bird online here, only $7.75 at the time of this post!
Also available as part of Timberdoodle’s Complete Core Curriculum for Babies!

What Can You Do With Oballs? – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0029

If you’re looking for a ball for your little person, you’ve probably seen Oballs. With their characteristic loophole appearance you may have wondered what the point is. Not only do the loops make it easier for babies/toddlers to grip and catch, but you can also use Oballs for such wonderful things as blowing bubbles! Flexible, dishwasher safe, rugged, safe and long-lasting, we are sure you’ll be delighted with Rhino Oballs!

Available at excellent prices here:

Oball Set

All Oballs: Exceptionally Safe and Durable
Made of silicone, the Oballs are exceptionally durable; just pop them in your dishwasher when the need arises. Also, you’ll be relieved to know that Oballs contain no phthalates, PVC or latex.

Oball Rattles

The Oball Rattle
Oball Rattle, with its many finger holes, is just as easy to clutch and roll as the Original Oball. The soft texture is still just right for mouthing, but it also includes entertaining beads that rattle. This lets you help your baby develop his visual and auditory tracking skills. Babies find the bright colors, happy sounds, and squishy sides captivating. Plus it is extremely lightweight, so you never need to worry about a face shot from a rambunctious toddler! (Another oustanding component in the Timberdoodle Core Curriculum series!)

Big Oball

Big Oball
6″ in diameter, the Big Oball has bigger circles, bigger holes, bigger ball, bigger action. Everything about the Big Oball is bigger.
Yet it is just as smooth and shiny and just as indestructible as the Original Oball. Kick it, stomp it, crush it, and the Big Oball bounces right back to a perfectly formed sphere. (Another oustanding component in the Timberdoodle Core Curriculum series!)

Really Big Oball

Really Big Oball
A huge 7.5″ in diameter, this is the biggest Oball available. Use it for outdoor games with your preschooler, the easiest ball to catch for your toddler or anything else you would use a typical ball for.

Oball Jelly
Oball Jelly, A Colorful, Sparkly Ball

All the great Oball features are now available in the colorful sparkly Oball Jelly. Oball Jellies are full of finger holes that make them incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold, and safe to throw. Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually indestructible — Oball Jelly is the ideal ball in every situation.

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