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What Is Icosoku? How Do You Play? – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0026

Since it made the back cover of the Timberdoodle catalog, you know it has to be good; but Icosoku is difficult to explain in print. Watch as Hope shows you how it works, and even why a concept as simple as Icosoku can be so challenging!

From Our Store:
Endless possibilities, endless opportunities, endless fun; IcoSoKu is a brilliant mathematical brainteaser with unlimited challenges… Buy Yours Today Here!

Inchimals: Math Puzzles For Preschoolers – A Special Edition Timberdoodle Vodcast

When our very first supply of Inchimals sold out literally within hours we knew that our long anticipation was totally justified. The colorful blocks have an engaging animal on on the long side of each block, and are thoughtfully designed with matching numerals and dot equivalent on opposite ends of each block. Inchimals is the best hands-on program we have seen for teaching math to young children!

Inchimal BlocksInchimals Sample PagesInchimals Set

More From Our Store:

“Teach your preschooler the language of math with Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys! This set of twelve whimsical wooden blocks is taking the home education market by storm. From the one-inch ladybug cube to the twelve-inch giraffe rod, Inchimals are all you’ll need to introduce your young child to math.
Begin by having your preschooler sequence the Inchimals blocks from the shortest to the longest and introduce math vocabulary related to measurement. Because of its precise inch segments, Inchimals can also be used to guess and measure common item around the house. How tall is the glass? It is as tall as a tiger, or six inches tall. How long is a carrot? It is as long as a rabbit, or four inches long. Or build a corral for those Lego horses and chat about perimeter…” Buy Inchimals today from Timberdoodle and take advantage of our $4.95 shipping and speedy ships-in-24-hours service!

#0014 – Mashoonga Swords

Foam swords? Really? We were skeptical too, until we saw them in use. Mashoongas are amazing foam sabers built around sturdy polycarbonate core tubes that are both lightweight and flexible. Not merely a fast-paced high-energy contest of attack and self-defense moves, Mashoonga’s game rules give it structure, differentiating it from mere horseplay. Mashoonga is a sport that will strengthen your child’s tactical skills, their eye-hand coordination, and build their stamina. When the rules are faithfully enforced Mashoonga is a friendly, safe, yet competitive contact game of ancient combat skills.

Ready to buy? Shop

Behind The Scenes

  • Talk about funny; shooting this video was absolutely hilarious. Some of us laughed ’til we cried!
  • Until we replayed the footage, no one could agree who’d won the first few rounds. Daniel did, but only by 1/2 a second.
  • The interviews were almost as fun as the contest. We now talk about Look of Death around the office.

Mashoonga Swords

From Our Store:

“Our Mashoonga Sabers Set, surprisingly enough, has been one of our hottest sellers at homeschool conferences. Is this indicative of the stress homeschooling parents feel or the pleasure they anticipate seeing their children off the couch and outside engaged in vigorous play? Or maybe it was because, as one fellow vendor remarked, “I’m tired of getting hit in the knees with a wooden sword…” Buy Mashoonga Now!

#0007 – Homeschool Conferences: Special Offers and Amusing Problem

Conferences can be a blast, but what if Timberdoodle didn’t make it to yours? Where do you find the conference-specific special offers from us? Grace will show you exactly what to expect! If you are part of planning a conference, don’t forget to contact us to provide free catalogs for your attendees!

Behind The Scenes

  • We were so impressed with the gracious and helpful coordinators at this, our first conference of the year. If any of you are located in the Bellingham area, you may want to check them out:
  • Because of the conference we didn’t preshoot this session, and now I have one more reason to try to do that. None of us noticed the aircraft flying over during the shoot, and it was too late to redo…
  • Despite our attempts to verify door size before making the trek to this conference we were alarmed to find that our display shelves couldn’t quite fit even through the backup door. This crew volunteered to disassemble the door and carry the carts up for us. There was a brief moment of horror though when they realized we’d brought not one or two, but three of these monster shelves!
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