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New Jungle Doctor Volumes – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0035

We are excited to announce that the new titles have arrived!

Jungle Doctor set of 4 Volumes 13-16 includes:

  • Jungle Doctor Looks for Trouble
  • Jungle Doctor Operates
  • Jungle Doctor Attacks Witchcraft
  • Jungle Doctor to the Rescue

More About Jungle Doctor
In the 1940s there was probably no more crucial calling than that of a missionary, no more intriguing place than Africa, and no more gratifying task than that of a doctor. Mix the three together and you have Jungle Doctor, a series of mesmerizing children’s books that have inspired multiple generations of children to serve God regardless of the cost.

Bringing Medical Help To A Primitive Culture
Born in 1910, Paul White was an extraordinary Australian missionary who labored several years as a physician in the African nation of Tanzania. The Jungle Doctor series is based on his experiences working in the bush and recounts the struggles of providing medicine in a primitive colonial hospital…

Read more about Jungle Doctor here.

Settlers of America Trails To Rails, A Good Look At The Newest Settlers Game – Timberdoodle Vodcast #0028

If you are familiar with Settlers, the game often-touted as “best strategy game ever!” then you know that everyone has been looking forward to Settlers of America, the newest game in the series. Watch the video to see the components and hear why a homeschool supply company would eagerly add Settlers of America to their game selection.

Settlers of America Trails to Rails

From Our Online Store:
“Are you looking for a game that will evaluate not only your strategy but also your character? Settlers of America Trails to Rails, the latest of the Catan History series, will put to the test both your ability to outmaneuver your opponents, and your capacity to do so with grace. As in all Catan games, Settlers of America Trails to Rails‘ key ingredient is constant player interaction, which means virtually no down time and lots of opportunity for personality quirks to be exposed.

Race to Deliver the Most Goods
Settlers of America Trails to Rails combines the award-winning strategy of the Catan series with the remarkable history of American westward expansion. Players collect and trade resources in order to build settlements, acquire locomotives and railroad routes, then race with other players to deliver the most goods.

Twists and Turns Consistent with the 19th Century
Players start with cities east of the Mississippi River and instead of knights and monopolies, cattle drives, cavalry, scouts and the abundant resources of the west require players to travel west in order to expand. There are a number of twists and turns with Settlers of America involving the earning of gold, the devaluation of land, and the dwindling of resources as the population grows, all in keeping with life in the 19th century…” Read The Rest or Shop Now Here!

How to Play BrainBox Games – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0025

BrainBox games are popular with everyone from little ones to adults, and now you can see why. Not only are the games fast-paced and easy to learn, but they are also very challenging to anyone’s memory, making BrainBox games a series a wide range of ages can easily play together without anyone having the advantage.

Read More At or go directly to the version you are interested in here:

BrainBox Animals My First ABC BrainBox

BrainBox USA BrainBox USA Presidents

BrainBox World BrainBox Nature

My First BrainBox

#0005 – Geocards: New Geography Game

Geocards are brand new to our warehouse and website! The jumbo, sturdy flashcards are a terrific way to learn some of the features of the states/countries with easy to learn games. We still think Geopuzzles are the best way to learn locations, but if you’re ready to learn more, Geocards are the next step!

Behind The Scenes

  • Daniel’s children Jotham and Rachel helped us review Geocards when we first pulled them out of the box, testing out most of the games.  On the Friday we wanted to film Geocards for you Daniel brought Jotham to work for the day making it a perfect opportunity to give you a clear demo!
  • It was such a beautiful day that we couldn’t resist filming outside the office – we even have crocuses coming up here! However, despite our windscreen you’ll hear a bit of wind in the last few moments of the vodcast – I didn’t hear it until I was working with it in post. Oh well, that’s Washington for you!

Geocards USA

From Our Store
On a snowy afternoon in Wisconsin, GeoToys founder and president Bob Galinsky came up with Geocards: a set of five games to reinforce geography facts. This father who invented the GeoPuzzles to help his three children learn geography had discovered another exciting way to introduce additional essential geography details to young children… Read More About Geocards Or Buy Some Here. (Retail: $12.99, only $9.95 a set at the time of this post.)

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