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How To Play Deep Into The Forest – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0041

Meet Deep Into The Forest, one of our newest games/tools for preschoolers!

Depth perception, thinking skills, memory and more are all addressed while children build beautiful 3D scenes out of rugged wooden pieces.

Visit Timberdoodle’s online store to read the complete review and buy yours now.

New to Timberdoodle? Don’t forget, Timberdoodle ships most orders within 24 hours, orders over $120 ship free and for smaller orders our standard shipping fee is only $4.95!

Best Gifts For $50 and Up (Special Edition Vodcast)

Still Looking For The Perfect Gift? Let Timberdoodle’s Video Gift Guides Help!
Timberdoodle’s Video Gift guides feature part of our warehouse crew showing off our best ideas & customer favorites for every price range.

$50 and Up
These are our most fantastic gifts. Each is a tremendous value and will give your children/grandchildren… hours of productive fun. What can be better that gifts that not only provide entertainment but also give your child an open door for exploration and learning in the context of his hobby? In the video Abel, Pearl and Nehemiah show off a handful of our best gifts in this price range. We’ve highlighted even more options below, what is your favorite?

Gifts $10-$20
OLLO Explorer Robotic Kit LEGO Duplo Tech Machines Set
The Adventures of Tintin: Collector's Edition complete set Graphic Forensic Science
Engino construction kit Stom Motion Animation Kit
LEGO Duplo Farm Set Magformers Extreme fx set
K'nex Extravaganza LaQ Zoo
Snap Circuits Pro LEGO Duplo Hospital set
960 Piece Puzzleball globe Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition
Geomag Kids 216 Piece Set The Learning Tower
Equilibrio Bundle Max Axiom Graphic Science Set
Piano For Life OLLo Bug Robotics Kit
Deluxe 3D Torso Puzzle Medical Model National Geographic Elements of Science
legend for gift guide

Sneak Preview – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0034

Originally released without identifying the orange object, the Tandem Space Hopper is now available here!

Don’t forget, Timberdoodle ships most orders within 24 hours, orders over $120 ship free and for smaller orders our standard shipping fee is only $4.95!

Original Press Release:
This is one of many new products soon to be released at Sign up for our upcoming catalog today, or put your name on our email list and receive sales flyers and new product announcements once or twice a month!

What Are The Different Lego Flashlights? Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0033

Of the three different LEGO flashlights, which would be best for your family? Watch as Abel gives a quick description and demo of each, so that you can find the perfect fit for your family.

Ready to buy? Timberdoodle has great prices, usually ships within 24 hours and has a $4.95 shipping option – or free for orders of $120+!

How To Play Sumoku – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0031

Combine crossword puzzles with Sudoku, add basic math skills and you have Sumoku. Sumoku comes with directions for 4 different variations, each an awesome way to work your brain while having a blast!

Sumoku by Blue Orange Games

From Timberdoodle’s Store:
“Add some pizzazz to this year’s math studies by beginning each day with a fast-paced game of Sumoku by Blue Orange Games. This crossword-style game will not only strengthen addition and multiplication skills, but because of the extensive strategy required logic skills are also improved…” On sale at the time of this post for only $10.75! Buy your Sumoku here.

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