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CitiBlocs – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast Special Edition

We’ve already demonstrated that Citiblocs are a terrifically simple construction set, but have you considered all the possibilities for deconstruction as well? In this video you’ll see that part of our warehouse team had a lot of fun demonstrating how Hot Rocketz can be used to knock down Citibloc towers! (Hint: This is a great family reunion or large group activity.) We apologize for the technical difficulties this week; thanks for bearing with us!

CitiBlocs Snake

From Our Store:

“If you agree with the sentiments of Albert Einstein, that “Everything should be made as simple as possible,” and you long to fill your home with uncomplicated toys that require no batteries and make no noise, other than the ear pleasing clatter of wood against wood, then you’re in for a treat…” Buy CitiBlocs Now Here!

#0003 – Bubber, part 1: Model with it. Carve it. Clean it up. Eat it?

Bubber has always been difficult to describe. Soft as a marshmallow – but not sticky. Fluffy as a cloud – but you can carve it. More crumbly then Cheetos – but cleanup is easy. Now we can finally use more than words to show off this unique art product! Not only that, but we’ve included starter ideas for when you receive your Bubber in the mail!

Behind The Scenes
We were shocked, appalled and intrigued when Nehemiah spontaneously decided to taste the Bubber. I still can’t watch the end of this video without grinning at the results! Interestingly though, a rewind through the footage showed Nehemiah tasting the Bubber earlier in the filming – just to make sure he could palate it?

Bubber In Colors

From Our Store
Bubber is an amazing new product imported from Sweden; contrary to its playful name, Bubber is destined to become a workhorse in the educational market. Bubber is an excellent source for tactile stimulation, improving gross- and fine-motor skills in a satisfyingly gentle way… Read More About Bubber Or Buy Some Here.

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