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How Big Is A Lightwedge Paperback? – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0038

We have sold Lightwedge booklights for years, and our customers love them as much as we do; but it can be difficult to decide which size to get – the Paperback Lightwedge or the Original Lightwedge. We’ve recently been able to purchase Paperback Lightwedges at stunning discounts, and are passing the savings on to you. But you need to decide if it is really big enough for you, so Daniel will show you how big it is in comparison to some of the books we offer. He also shows you a tip for using Paperback Lightwedges even with very large books.

Do You Need A Lightwedge Case?
Not all models come with cases, nor do all families need a case. If you don’t mind a few scratches and your family won’t be excessively hard on the light, you will probably be fine simply storing the light inside a book as our family has done. However, if you want to keep the lens pristine or are blessed with a house full of rough & tumble tots, click here to see the Paperback Case! (we expect it back in stock in January)

Books Shown:

Best Gifts For $20 to $50 (Special Edition Vodcast)

Still Looking For The Perfect Gift? Let Timberdoodle’s Video Gift Guides Help!
Timberdoodle’s Video Gift guides feature part of our warehouse crew showing off our best ideas & customer favorites for every price range.

$20 To $50
If you are looking for a gift in this price range you probably want a present with a lot of sparkle and even more educational value. After all, if you are going to invest the money, you want to see it used and feel glad about it all year long! If that’s you, I think you’ll enjoy Timberdoodle’s gift selection. In the video Abel, Pearl and Nehemiah show off a handful of our best gifts in this price range. We’ve highlighted even more options below, what is your favorite?

Gifts $10-$20
LEGO Creationary Game Pattern Play
Flik Flak Washable Watches OLLO Action Robotic Kit
Settlers of America Trails To Rails Mashoonga Foam Dueling Sabers
Inchimals LEGO City Police Command Center Truck
Little Pim Spanish DVDs Big Bag Of Science
Primary Science Kit by Learning Resources CitiBlocs 200 Piece Wooden Building Set
Rainbow magformers Big Bag of Bubber - Giant 30oz Size
4D Plant Cell Model 540 Piece Metallic Puzzleball Globe
Electric Vehicles Wind Up Energy Kit Fat Brain's AnimaLogic
Bilibo The Big Picture Story Bible
Wee Wedgits Elastic Power
Lightwedge Original SepToys
Wahoo The Perfect Puppy Jungle Doctor Sets
The Greatest Dot To Dot Books Set Of 8 Wedgits Starter Tote
What's Lurking In THis House? Peanut Ball
legend for gift guide

Watch Stick Ezy Letters In Use – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0021

Tired of magnetic letters? Try Stick-EZY letters! Soft, flexible, strong, washable, colorful, nontoxic and odorless! Watch the video to see what exactly they will stick to…

Stick Ezy Letters

More From Our Store:

“Wherever you have a smooth surface, you have a site for Stick-EZY Letters. Magnetic letters are limiting but Stick-EZY Letters are loads more accommodating. Not only will Stick-EZY Letters adhere to the common refrigerator, but they will stick to your child’s glass of milk, the tub wall, the car window, even to his latest Lego creation, then peel off leaving absolutely no residue. Such versatility makes Stick-EZY Letters the perfect…” Buy Your Family A Set.

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