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How Big Is A Lightwedge Paperback? – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0038

We have sold Lightwedge booklights for years, and our customers love them as much as we do; but it can be difficult to decide which size to get – the Paperback Lightwedge or the Original Lightwedge. We’ve recently been able to purchase Paperback Lightwedges at stunning discounts, and are passing the savings on to you. But you need to decide if it is really big enough for you, so Daniel will show you how big it is in comparison to some of the books we offer. He also shows you a tip for using Paperback Lightwedges even with very large books.

Do You Need A Lightwedge Case?
Not all models come with cases, nor do all families need a case. If you don’t mind a few scratches and your family won’t be excessively hard on the light, you will probably be fine simply storing the light inside a book as our family has done. However, if you want to keep the lens pristine or are blessed with a house full of rough & tumble tots, click here to see the Paperback Case! (we expect it back in stock in January)

Books Shown:

Make Your Own Snowman – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast #0023

We’re finally having summer-like weather here in Washington State. A perfect time to break out our Make Your Own Snowman set!! With its endlessly reusable fake snow and rubbery rehydrated snowballs and cubes, the Make Your Own Snowman World set can provide hours of productive play while your child learns about polymers and polymerization.

Make Your Own Snowman World

More From Our Store:
“The Make Your Own Snowman World Kit is the easiest way for your family to fashion a frosty delight in the convenience of your own home, regardless of the sweltering temperatures around you. When the sidewalks are too hot for tender feet and the pitifully light breeze has dwindled to nothing, your children will be eager to create snowmen, igloos, and even a shovel full of the most realistic snow your family has ever made…” Buy your kit now, on sale for only $6.95 at this posting!

Ollo Explorer Robot Kit – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast Special Edition

Learning Robotics Has Never Been Easier
There is a fast moving trend to get robots in schools (there are around 10,000 robotics teams in schools around the USA), and you may have felt teaching robotics at home was too difficult and too expensive. But with the advent of the OLLO Explorer curriculum, learning robotics has never been easier, more affordable or more fun! Still not convinced? Find out more about the OLLO Explorer kit on our website or take a look at just the robots covered in this course:

Ollo Robot Models

DIY Projects for Dad and Kids – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast #0018

Two exciting DIY books with projects for dads and kids to do together.

Geek Dad
Geek Dad is the ultimate DIY project guide for dads who want to see their children develop excitement for scientific learning and discovery. From finger painting with windup toys to aerial shots with a video camera attached to helium balloon Geek Dad has a multitude of projects that will not only engage but also enlist the enthusiastic help of your little geek-lings.

Handy Dad
Handy Dad is a visual delight with plenty of color photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, and helpful notes as to difficulty level and time involved.Using common materials from around the house or available at the local hardware store, Handy Dad projects include summer-friendly Water-Balloon Launchers and Water-Pressurized Rockets. For those two-legged tornadoes who live with you a climbing wall or a zip line could channel that excessive energy. Or for the more imaginative child, a dollhouse or circus tent custom made by dad will make their eyes sparkle.

Shop our whole Father’s Day gift collection here:
Father's Day Sale

#0010 – Apologia Science

If you are looking for a comprehensive science curriculum you’ve probably already been told to look at Apologia. But maybe you’d like a little more information. Daniel shows you how the different books and CDs work together, explains how other families have used Apologia and qualifies which students are likely to thrive with Apologia – and which students may not.

Behind The Scenes

  • This is our first video shot on our green screen. You’ll see more!
  • Daniel is also known as The Other Dan, especially when people think they are talking to Dan The Boss!

Apologia Science

From Our Store:

Not only does this in-depth curriculum, (Apologia Young Explorers)  with its gorgeous full-color pictures and captivating, God-exalting text, sparkle in comparison to the mainstream dry-bones science program, it utilizes what we believe is the most sensible method to teaching science, the immersion approach… Buy Apologia Now Here!

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