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Best Gifts For $50 and Up (Special Edition Vodcast)

Still Looking For The Perfect Gift? Let Timberdoodle’s Video Gift Guides Help!
Timberdoodle’s Video Gift guides feature part of our warehouse crew showing off our best ideas & customer favorites for every price range.

$50 and Up
These are our most fantastic gifts. Each is a tremendous value and will give your children/grandchildren… hours of productive fun. What can be better that gifts that not only provide entertainment but also give your child an open door for exploration and learning in the context of his hobby? In the video Abel, Pearl and Nehemiah show off a handful of our best gifts in this price range. We’ve highlighted even more options below, what is your favorite?

Gifts $10-$20
OLLO Explorer Robotic Kit LEGO Duplo Tech Machines Set
The Adventures of Tintin: Collector's Edition complete set Graphic Forensic Science
Engino construction kit Stom Motion Animation Kit
LEGO Duplo Farm Set Magformers Extreme fx set
K'nex Extravaganza LaQ Zoo
Snap Circuits Pro LEGO Duplo Hospital set
960 Piece Puzzleball globe Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition
Geomag Kids 216 Piece Set The Learning Tower
Equilibrio Bundle Max Axiom Graphic Science Set
Piano For Life OLLo Bug Robotics Kit
Deluxe 3D Torso Puzzle Medical Model National Geographic Elements of Science
legend for gift guide

CitiBlocs – Timberdoodle’s Homeschool Vodcast Special Edition

We’ve already demonstrated that Citiblocs are a terrifically simple construction set, but have you considered all the possibilities for deconstruction as well? In this video you’ll see that part of our warehouse team had a lot of fun demonstrating how Hot Rocketz can be used to knock down Citibloc towers! (Hint: This is a great family reunion or large group activity.) We apologize for the technical difficulties this week; thanks for bearing with us!

CitiBlocs Snake

From Our Store:

“If you agree with the sentiments of Albert Einstein, that “Everything should be made as simple as possible,” and you long to fill your home with uncomplicated toys that require no batteries and make no noise, other than the ear pleasing clatter of wood against wood, then you’re in for a treat…” Buy CitiBlocs Now Here!

#0008 – Testing New Products for Timberdoodle’s Summer 2010 Catalog

Dozens of products must be evaluated before we print our 2010 Curriculum Catalog. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the review process here at Timberdoodle. Best of all, 4 young relatives ranging in age from nearly 2 to 7 explored, experimented, and tested a wide array of exciting new products from construction to music to scooters and more!

Check back in April to see how many of these products make it onto our website. Better yet, sign up for our free catalog and stay in the loop:

Behind The Scenes

  • We were delighted when our gracious relatives loaned us their girls for the afternoon. The session went way beyond any of our expectations and everyone enjoyed the time!
  • Watching the children play was very insightful, especially since they have a nice wide range of personalities, ages, and interests. (It would have been lovely to have boys involved too, but the one brother was down for a nap… Oh well!)
  • There were so many cute moments and lots of helpful ‘real-life’ exploring and experimenting. In fact, we expect you to see more of these kids on future vodcasts¬† as we demo and explain the products that passed muster.
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