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What Is The Best Homeschool Video Contest?

That’s easy-Timberdoodle’s has to be the best homeschool video contest! Not just because it’s ours either. Where else would you find this combination?

  1. Well over $575 in prizes.
  2. Giant prizes of up to $325 in Timberdoodle Gift Certificates.
  3. A generous $10 gift certificate just for entering.
  4. Bonus miniature Thinking Putty free when you redeem your $10 gift certificate.
  5. An opportunity to show off your favorite homeschool tools, techniques, or just have fun making a movie as a family.

Here are all the details:

Homeschool Video Contest

Step One – Today through June 14th

Make a Video

Make a video that mentions Timberdoodle and post it on YouTube or your favorite online video site. Most importantly, fill out this simple entry form, giving us the link to your video. Entries must be received by June 14th to be eligible for the contest!

Step Two – June 16th to June 21st


Come back and browse all the videos on this page and vote for your favorites (including your own, of course) by commenting on each video. Send family and friends a link to your video so they can vote. They love you, so they’ll vote for you–right? Again, every comment on a video counts as a vote, and the three videos with the most votes will win.

Step Three – June 22nd to September 1st

Spend Your Money

Shop to cash in your gift certificate!
The fine print?
No cash value on any of the certificates.
Only one certificate may be used per order.
Qualifying orders must be $10 minimum. (Since $10 is the minimum amount you’ll win, this clause is to keep our records from showing that we owe you $1.75 cash after you receive your $8.25 item for free!)

Eligible Videos:

1. Are family-friendly
2. Refer to Timberdoodle clearly in the video
3. Feature a Timberdoodle product, service, or curriculum
4. Use outside media legally (music, video clips, etc…)
5. Are submitted online before 6/14/2010

By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by Timberdoodle’s decision regarding the winners of this contest and to give Timberdoodle the right to use your video in any way they choose.

Enter Your Video Now!

#0007 – Homeschool Conferences: Special Offers and Amusing Problem

Conferences can be a blast, but what if Timberdoodle didn’t make it to yours? Where do you find the conference-specific special offers from us? Grace will show you exactly what to expect! If you are part of planning a conference, don’t forget to contact us to provide free catalogs for your attendees!

Behind The Scenes

  • We were so impressed with the gracious and helpful coordinators at this, our first conference of the year. If any of you are located in the Bellingham area, you may want to check them out:
  • Because of the conference we didn’t preshoot this session, and now I have one more reason to try to do that. None of us noticed the aircraft flying over during the shoot, and it was too late to redo…
  • Despite our attempts to verify door size before making the trek to this conference we were alarmed to find that our display shelves couldn’t quite fit even through the backup door. This crew volunteered to disassemble the door and carry the carts up for us. There was a brief moment of horror though when they realized we’d brought not one or two, but three of these monster shelves!
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